Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Michael's Disscussion Group and Other Happenings

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted here, so I thought I'd bring everyone up to date on what's happening. (Not a lot.)

I was invited to participate in a discussion group about craft storage at Michael's Corporate Office.  I've done a focus group there before, and since they offer a Michael's gift card for your time, I said, "Heck, yea.  Count me in."  So the discussion group was today at 10am over at one of their buildings in Irving, Texas.  There were nine of us participating at of that nine, five were Michael's employees.  That's not counting the employee running the discussion group and the other three of four who hovered in the background taking notes.  

Anyway, they asked stuff about what we needed in storage, what we'd like to see, if we liked colors (most said no) and how much we would pay for some items they are proposing to sell.  I'm cheap.  I couldn't afford any of their stuff now unless it was half price.

In the course of discussion, we all discovered what each considered our "main" craft and if we had dedicated craft rooms, etc.  Almost all of the gals (and one gentleman) had a dedicated room and most of them must live in fancy houses with all the nice craft furniture from what I could tell.  Lordy, they would be horrified if they was where I work!  

Anyway, I certainly hope I get another invite to a Michael's group in the future.  I went straight to the store and used my gift card and my 40% coupon!

On other fronts, with Easter fast approaching, I've concluded working on Easter crafts.  I was sorely disappointed that two of my three Tweety Candy Boxes didn't sell, but that's OK.  I'll have them for decorations next Easter!

Do you have a pile of craft projects just sitting around staring at you?  I do.  I've got a lot of cool things I've ordered from Retro Cafe Art to make, but haven't done them because I'm afraid of messing them up.  Am I the only one with this problem?  I ordered a couple of Articulated Santos Cage Doll kits and both a medium and a large 3-D Articulated Santos Cage Doll Kit.  I finally got brave enough and dove in and made up one of the "flat" dolls.  

I think she turned out really well, so now I feel brave enough to make another one.  It may take some time before I'm up to tackling the 3-D dolls.

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