Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Final Halloween Projects....Maybe

The first project featured here is "Dr. Raven's Medicine Bag".  This was inspired by an altered Altoid tin book made by Laura Carson that you can see here:   http://artfullymusing.blogspot.com/2012/09/mini-apothecary-in-altoids-tin-book.html

I had a chipboard purse book that I had started out making into a travel case book and never got around to finishing, so I cut a couple of pages out of it in order to make the bag.  

When the bag is opened, you find the Altoids tin inside complete with a stuffed "Raven"!  

Opening up the Altoids tin you will find all of Dr. Raven's potions and poisons ready for mixing your own special elixer.  These tiny bottles are from Tim Holtz and I found them at Michael's.  You can also get them at Hobby Lobby.  Remember, these are all inside a regular Altoids tin.  I "found" or fabricated my own labels for the bottles and filled them with different colors of glitter.

This picture is taken with the flash to give a brighter appearance and so that you can see the labels on the bottles a bit more clearly.

Next, I was invited to join an ATC swap sponsored by Denise Phillips of Birdnuts Mixed Media Studio.  You can see her blog here:  http://birdnutsmixedmedia.blogspot.com/
The swap is also sponsored by Kristin Hubrick of Retro Cafe Art.  Her website is here:  http://www.retrocafeart.com/

Both ladies are fabulously talented and Kristin has great, great products in her shop for all of us altered art junkies!

Owl art thanks to Deviant Scrap. http://www.deviantscrap.com/shop/ 
 "Hello, my name is Virginia and I'm a Deviant Scrap addict."
Deviant Scrap is a recent discovery of mine thanks to Denise Phillips.  It was love at first look.

This is "Owl Boy".  He is my own creation.  I'm very proud of him.  Just love his attitude.  And the Trick or Treat bag...I made that out of a paper sack and some twine.  I now have a better appreciation of those poor Chinese people who make all those tiny stickers for Jolee's you see in Michael's, Hobby Lobby and other scrapbooking stores.

To give Owl Man and Owl Boy a proper send off to Denise, I made these tags with pockets on the front to slip the ATC's in.

The back of the tags.

So now, last, but certainly not least...a digital collage I made using Owl Men from Deviant Scrap, a background from Scrap Girls and various and sundry parts and pieces I found/created here and there.  
May I introduce you to 
The Mixologists

This should be the last of the Halloween stuff unless some idea whaps me up the side of the head or someone wants me to make something Halloweeny for them.

For now, I'm onto Christmas!

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