Saturday, April 27, 2013

May is coming!

May is a very busy month for my family.  First, Maria's(oldest Daughter) birthday on May 1st then on May 2nd, it's grand-daughter Bella's birthday.  Next event is Mother's Day.  After that we have Rachel's (#2 Daughter) birthday on the 21st, then mine on the 24th.  After that it's Memorial Day weekend.  Whew! 

If that flurry of family events wasn't enough, I have 4 swaps I have joined and they are all due in May!  First is Kristin's Retro Cafe Art Mini House Shrine swap, then I have a Paper Doll swap, an ATC swap and a Tag swap!  I've done the 4 mini house shrines for Kristin's swap, 5 of the 6 ATCs for the ATC swap, 1 out of 2 dolls for the paper doll swap and absolutely zero for the 3 tags I need to make for the tag swap.  These three last swaps are with Roses on My Table art groups.

Two of the Mini House Shrines for the Swap

Nature's Music ATC
I don't have any pictures of the paper doll yet, or the other two Mini House Shrines.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to photograph them before I've got to get them in the mail.
Right now, it's been taking me almost a whole day to find the inspiration and then create an ATC so I'm quickly running out of time to complete all these projects.  Sometimes creativity is hard to come by, other times it's so easy.  I just wonder why that is.  I have quite a few other projects that I could work on that I've got great ideas for, but if I'm to get all of these done in time, I can't take the time to work on the ones I have ideas for.  Guess that's what happens when the time crunch comes!


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DPerez said...

dont forget your son's anniversary on the 18th and his navy anniversary on the 28th.