Friday, April 6, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Since I have been trapped in the house 95% of the time lately by my allergies, I've been doing my arts and crafts thing more than usual.  I made these Easter decorations around a week ago.  Wooden eggs, wooden candlelsticks from the craft store.  Everything else I already had on hand.  I got this idea from a blog that I follow and if you need creative ideas, check it out.

This is a hinged canvas art piece.  I also got this idea from a blog I follow.  My finished version is nothing like their finished version, it was the concept of hinging two canvases together intrigued me.   I started out with painting the canvases.  Then I applied crackle medium and another coat of paint over that.  Daniel put the hinges on for me and then I started decorating.  My daughter Rachel asked me where I got the idea for my design and to tell the truth this stuff just comes to me as I work.

Here's the back.
The inside.

This is an ATC I made recently.  If you don't know, ATCs are "Artist Trading Cards".  They are the size of a playing card and decorated with paper, paint, ink or whatever else you want to use.  They are never sold, but traded to another artist for one of their ATCs.  I haven't made many, but I like them for their tiny, jewel-like quality. 
And speaking of quality...please excuse these pictures.  They are not the best.  It's not my camera, it's me and the lighting in this house.  I should have taken them outside on the front porch for better lighting but that wouldn't have helped my ability to hold the camera still!

The next three little lovlies started out as ATCs but I decided to make them as ornaments for a friend's "Easter Tree".  I hope she likes them.
So you can see what I've been up to lately. 
Rachel and Maria have both asked me what I do with all these things I make.  Well, at this moment I have a drawer full of them.  Rachel suggested that I give them away as gifts, which I do with some of them.  I suppose that I'm hesitant to give something such as the hinged canvas project away because I'm not sure anyone other than myself would like it.  What do you think I should do with all these things I make?  Give me some ideas people before I'm more overrun than I already am with my little artsy fartsy creations.


Paige said...

Pretty! Sell them on Etsy.

C. Wills said...

I love these! You are so talented.

C. Wills said...

I love these! You are so talented.

Mad Dog and Sharon Jean said...

I feel humbled when I see your work..when we were much younger I was always jealous of your art work..These are beautiful..I agree with Paige..Sell them on Etsy...