Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring - is springing - forward

The blossoms on my neighbor's plum tree

Well, spring is here.  Not officially, but things are blooming and blossoming.  The rain has brought the green out, finally and the birds are birding, the bugs are bugging (me) and the squirrels are squirrelly. 
The squirrels aren't the only thing squirrelly around here either, if you know this neighborhood.  The nice weather (and spring break this week) has brought out some unique sights here in the 'hood.  I love sitting here at my desk, looking out my window and watching the world go by!

Now, you may be wondering "Where is the rest of the Holy Land trip?".  I have to tell you that I still have lots of pictures and ancedotes, but it seems the farther forward time goes away from the trip the less I'm inclined to bore people with it. Aren't you lucky?  So, I may or may not be posting more pictures of the Holy Land. 

Anyway, I'm off to go take some pictures of the blossoms, birds, bugs, squirrels and squirrelly people!

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