Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hinting is Over

Because I have told several of you, including family about the "secret" for January, I may as well tell everyone now.  Courtesy of my Dad and along with members of the Blanco United Methodist Church and the Divinity School at SMU I will be going to the Holy Land on a 12 day tour.

Dad has invited my Mom and I to go and who could turn something like this down?  The group has already had a meeting at the BUMC parsonage.  There will be 16 of us total, not including the students and professors from SMU.  Dr. Rev. Margot Perez-Greene, the wife of BUMC pastor, Ken Greene, gave us all advice on what to pack, the weather and other information.  She encouraged us to try and only pack one carry on bag for the trip.  Now, the majority of the party are women, so this is going to be quite a challenge!  We had a wonderful time and plenty of laughter at the meeting.  This is going to be an awesome and fun group to travel with.

I applied for a passport last week and our tour company is taking care of Visas for Egypt and Jordan.  Our first stop will be Egypt - Mount Sinai.  We will have to get up at 2am to reach the top of Mt. Sinai by sunrise.  It is a 3 mile walk up the mountain or there are camels that can be ridden.  I'm voting on the camel ride, personally.  After Mt. Sinai, we travel to Petra, Jordan.  Once this part of the trip is over, the BUMC group will split from the SMU group and travel to Jerusalem.  The rest of the trip will be spent seeing the important Biblical sites in the area of Jerusalem.

I will post more information as the time draws closer to departure.  One thing I would like to offer to any and all is to carry prayers to put into the Wailing Wall.  I'll give more info on this in a later post as well.


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That is so cool...very exciting for you and your Mom (I hope she is going)

Have fun