Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

This year we had a dilema about the Christmas tree.  Since this is the first Christmas with Sheba and Shorty, we weren't too sure about putting up our big, beautiful 7 1/2 foot tree. So, we decided to put a smaller tree up on our round end table.  At Home Depot, we found a 6 1/2 foot tree that had clear lights and came in a planter.  It is actually meant to go outside on the porch or walkway, but it looked very nice in the store.  Since it only had clear lights, and not a whole lot of those, we purchased a long string of colored lights to add to it.  At 6 1/2 feet on the 18 inch high table, the tree touches the ceiling.  I have it all decorated and the dogs haven't paid a bit of attention to it, thank goodness!

The Tree

I wish the picture was better because this one just doesn't do it justice.

Here are some more pictures of the Christmas decorations this year.

Right Side of the Living Room Bookshelves

Top of the bookcase in the hall

Buffet in Dining Room

The Bar Area

I have a large collage that normally hangs on the wall above the couch in the living room.  This year, I decided to make some art to take the place of the collage for Christmas.  Here it is.  All made by me almost for free.  I had the frames and the canvas on hand already.  Just got out some paint, ribbon and designed the art to go with it!

There is much more to see and I'll post more pictures as Christmas Day nears.


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It looks beautiful!