Monday, May 10, 2010

The Latest Projects

My front porch needed some extra zing and since it is completely covered and pretty much weatherproof (unless there's a tornado) I can put things out that normally you wouldn't put on the front porch.

First off, I needed something nice, but understated for the front door.  Normally I would have a wreath, but I just didn't have anything handy or inspired that I wanted to put up.  So, I had my handy husband cut this large papier-mache star into halves...

Then I proceeded to cover one half with various scrapbooking papers.  I put a large brad in the middle and eyelets at the points and indentions and voila!

A nice star to hang on the old battered, front door.

One of these days, we'll have a new front door, but for now, a little decoration helps cover up it's flaws.

Next, I decided I needed something for the left side of the front door.  There are two nails there placed by former owners and if we take them out they will leave holes in the siding.  I usually hang a wall pocket or something like that there, but this year I wanted something different.  Here's what I made:

Now my porch is decorated for late spring, early summer.  I'll probably change out everything around July, but until then it's looking lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Did you know we have a star like that on our front door?