Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to...Me!

We really splurged on my Birthday this year.  Daniel got me an IPhone that I love, love love and I bought myself this: A Nook e-reader from .B&N.
I've already read 4 books on the thing!  You can download a newly published book that would cost $25 to $30 dollars in hardback for around $12.99 in seconds and not even leave the house!  There are tons of free e-books and lots under $5.00 which is like going to Half Price Books.
Naturally, I love our library here in Dallas, but when a new book comes out by a popular author you have to get on a wait list that sometimes makes you wait over a month.  I'm too impatient for some of the new releases from my favorite authors to wait, but too cheap to spend the big bucks on a hardback.  The Nook is the solution for me.  Also, I can lend the e-books I purchase to friends who have a Nook, Kindle or anyother e-reader and vise versa.
If you are a voracious reader like me, I highly recommend the Nook.

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Mad Dog and Sharon Jean said...

So glad that you got yourself a Nook for your birthday...I know that you will love you said it is so simple to download and you don't even have to leave the house...