Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dislocated and Discombobulated

Blanco Courthouse

My sister, Carol, and I had planned to go to Blanco (Texas) to do a Tuesday Bible Study supper for my Dad's birthday.  We were to leave Monday.  Unfortunately, my Dad, who will be 84 this Sunday, did a triple gainer in the parking lot of the nursing home on Friday.  He dislocated his shoulder, banged up his face and chipped a bone in his arm.  Carol, who is a respiratory therapist at a hospital in Fort Worth, packed up and headed down to Blanco on Saturday.  Luckily, my Dad has really great friends in Blanco who patched up the wounds, drove him to the hospital and kept watch over him until Carol could get there.

Dad is fine except for an immobilizing sling on his right arm.  The hard part is that Dad spends almost all of his time at the nursing home with Anne, his wife and our stepmom.  She is NOT in good condition and Dad needed someone to help her eat her meals and give him some time for R&R.  That's mainly why Carol went on Saturday.  Bless her.  I'm good at some things, but taking care of frail, elderly people is not one of them.  I'm terribly afraid I'll break them or do something wrong.

Anyway, long story getting longer, Carol had to purchase most of the supplies for the church dinner in San Antonio.  I picked up the chopped BBQ from my brother-in-law, Preston, on Monday and drove down to Blanco to lend what help and support I could.  Despite Dad's injury and all the details of caring for Anne, we managed to have a pleasant Tuesday, which included an impromptu birthday party at the Deutsch Apple late morning with a freshly baked Coconut Cake.  Then we proceeded to do our shopping at the Super S and had lunch at the Redbud Cafe which is on the square.

Deutsch Apple

Redbud Cafe

The dinner went well as we fed 55 people and made 5 to-go orders.  The menu was chopped BBQ sandwiches with all the fixin's, Ranch Style Beans and chips.  Dessert was Blue Bell Homade Vanilla ice cream and a variety of yummy cookies and brownies.

I came home yesterday, but not before another birthday lunch for Dad, again at the Redbud Cafe, with BUMC Pastor Ken Green and his lovely wife Margo and Dad's BFF Clint DeWolfe.  If you are ever in Blanco, you MUST try the Redbud Cafe!  The food is fab!

BTW - they have dug up all the grass around the courthouse and covered the sidewalks with gravel.  When I asked what was up I was told that the Cohen brothers are filming a re-make of "True Grit" and they are using the Blanco Courthouse for some scenes.  Filming begins next moth and the movie is starring Jeff Bridges as "Rooster" Cogburn and Matt Damon is also one of the stars!

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