Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've been working on several projects recently - all at the same time.  This is probably why it's taken so long to complete them!  Here is the first project:

My Dad's 84th birthday is in April, and here is a centerpiece that I've made for his birthday celebration!  Carol and I are going down to Blanco the Monday after Easter and on Tuesday, we'll be feeding 50 at the Blanco Methodist Church to celebrate Dad's birthday.

All this took was a kraft board box and numbers, scrapbook paper, craft paint, ribbon and some flowers and sparkly stuff to add in there, oh, and also some bright green easter grass!

Next is a tray.  Daniel had been wanting a small tray to put on the love seat next to where he sits most of the time to set his drinks on.  I had this 9 x 11 bare wood tray sitting around, so I fixed it up to match the living room decor.  First I painted it black with craft paint, then I spray painted over that with Rust-Oleum Ivory Silk in a satin finish.  I then sanded the edges to give it that "used" look and applied some black and white rub-ons I've had lying around forever.  And....Voila!

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Anonymous said...

Love the projects! Happy Birthday Daddy Wood!