Friday, March 26, 2010

Man Gadgets

You know how guys are about gadgets.  I thought my husband, Daniel, was fairly imune to this typically male obsession, but now I'm not so sure.  The problem is I may have been the one who started it.

I always encourage him to get a new tool if he needs it for a project, but today he came home with this:

Yes, it's a Dyson cordless vac.

I'll admit it's pretty nifty and handy to have about, but it just surprised me when he brought it home yesterday evening.

Hmmmm, have I created a monster?  I mean, I did buy him an I-Phone for his birthday this week and we did purchase a cool multi-tool at Home Depot too, so maybe I've started something.


Garcia-Academia (Cains Mom) said...

I was wondering what that was, all I saw was "Dyson" so it HAD to be pretty cool

Anonymous said...

I think I would like that man gadget!