Monday, March 22, 2010

Living Room Re-Design for Spring/Summer

Even though we had snow (yes, here in Dallas, Texas) on the first day of spring and the second day of spring was barely better, I had to go ahead and make the changes to my living room that I'd been planning.

First, here are a couple of shots of what it looks like for fall and winter:

This was taken in October.

and so was this one.

Now for the "after" pics:

A linen drum shade for the lamp and vanilla pillar candles make a big difference.

Changed out the pillow covers (I made them all), lamp shade and candles.

Replaced the pictures in the picture frames with black and white prints, changed out this lamp shade as well and added a new cream throw.

But best of all, I replaced all my drapes with these made from canvas drop cloths purchased at Home Depot for $9.97 each!  Thanks to my wonderful daughter-in-law, Paige, for this great idea!

And lastly, of all the pillow covers I designed and sewed for this make over, this is my favorite.  Made of natural linen with an ink jet iron on and some ribbon I've had for ages with musical notes on it!

The room is so much lighter and airier now.  My husband, Daniel, really likes the difference as well. 

And on another note, today is sunny and beautiful!  Very much like Spring!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the mention.

Mad Dog and Sharon Jean said...

Love the re-design...I really need to do something like that around here..just too lazy...don't have the creative mind you have.