Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Merfolk, Milestone Birthdays and More!

Well, it's August and I've been slacking off in the blog department, but let me tell you, that's the only place I've been slacking off.  In my last post I updated all the arty projects I'd been working on, including the Merfolk swap with Retro Cafe Art Gallery.  I finally got all 4 of my Merfolk completed and off to Kristin just in the nick of time.

Here they are, having arrived at Retro Cafe Art Gallery

During all of this, I was also preparing for my Mom's 80th birthday celebration.  I made all the invitations and got them mailed out, then I worked on centerpieces.  Most of my Tweety candy boxes from Easter were still with me and since they were done in pastel shabby chic colors, I decided they would be great for "favors" and table decorations.  To add to them, I took the plastic containers that Crystal Light powdered drink mixes come in and made them into more candy boxes.  

We held Mom's party at Farina's Winery and Cafe in Grapevine.  Carol and I figured Grapevine was a good central location between Fort Worth, Dallas and McKinney where most of us live.  Farina's in Grapevine has an antique store next door to it that they own as well and we rented the antique store for the birthday party and luncheon.  

Not only was it a great birthday party, but it was also like a mini family reunion.  

 Mom with her brother, Bobby and Bobby's wife, Kathy.

From the far left - Kevin, Paul, Cody, Maggie, Maria, Robert and Bella

Bobby & Kathy, Dad and Kathryn, Daniel (in the green shirt) and Amy

Me, Mom and my girls, Maggie, Maria and Rachel

And my lovely Mother

Now that the partying is over and Merfolk completed and swapped, my desk is clean and clear.  What am I going to do now?  Kristin at Retro Cafe Art Gallery has hinted at a Halloween Tombstone swap and I'm anxiously awaiting word on that one.  

Meanwhile, I'm going to do some sewing and make a few things just for the heck of it.  We've had a cool spell (for Texas in the summer) but the triple digit temps are heading back this week, so I'll be staying inside dreaming up projects and making art.

Until next time, everyone stay fabulous!

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