Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chipboard Book Pages

Kristin over at Retro Cafe Art is hosting several swaps for Valentine's Day.  One of the swaps is for heart-shaped chipboard book pages.  Each person entering the swap, gets 4 book pages to decorate as they wish.  Once they are complete, they are mailed back to Kristin and she sends you back 4 pages from 4 different artists.  The four you have decorated also go out to 4 different artists.  

This is the same way the ATC swaps go and it's so much fun.  Kristin also did this with the chipboard Christmas ornaments.  I got 4 of the most lovely ornaments from 4 terrific artists.  They are all unique and reflect the artist's style and tastes.  

The fronts

I used vintage Harrison Fisher images for my 4 book pages.  I have a beautiful little book of Harrison Fisher prints that was given to my Grandmother Rachel back in 1914.  It has always fascinated me and I've been digitally collecting more of his prints for quite a while.  

The backs

And you know me, I can't stand a "bare" back on any of my projects.  So the back of the pages are decorated to the nth degree as well.

Hope you like.  I'll be posting pictures of the ATCs I'm creating for the same Valentine's Day swap.  And please visit Kristin's website.  She has the most amazing things to use in making altered art.

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