Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

My siblings and I have been back and forth to my Dad's in Blanco quite a bit this month.  Although we were there for a sad reason, it was still good to spend time with my Dad and get the chance to spoil him some with a couple of home-cooked meals and evening snacks.  I also think he enjoyed having all of us together for a few days.  That seldom happens because we all have crazy schedules.  Well, except for me.  I have no schedule at all.

Anyway, the first week we were there, we found that a couple of wrens had built a nest in a gourd bird house that Amy had hung on the patio between the main house and the guest house.  By the time we returned a week later, these little hungry babies had already fledged and left the nest.  Boy did they grow fast.  Below is a picture that my brother Chris took of them waiting to be fed.  BTW, there were 5 of them stuffed in there!

Not to be out done, the House Finches, otherwise known as Purple Finches, and Cardinals were parenting away as well.

Notice in these two pictures, it's the Fathers doing the caring and feeding.  Mom's must have been having a rest!
So Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there who work so hard to provide for their families and make a nest for their chicks  -  even the grown chicks who return from time to time.

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