Friday, June 11, 2010

Stuck - Unstuck

I've been stuck.  Can't think of anything creative to do and it has been driving me crazy.  Actually giving me a headache.  Then suddenly - Whamo!  I've got 2 ideas.  So I begin digging out paper and adhesives and the handy, dandy craft knife.  Oooo, so much fun.   

Then - disaster.  My stupid computer goes wacky.  I only have 57MB of memory left and it won't let me do anything!  Gak!  Run to Best Buy. Buy an external hard drive. Download everything but my wonderful pictures and graphics onto it. Reboot. Now the internet it all messed up. I can't get on Facebook or get to my Yahoo e-mail! Pound head on desk. Cry. Shut down computer.

Download new book onto my Nook.  Read until I'm cross-eyed and cranky.  Go to bed (after several glasses of wine).

Dogs wake me at 9AM.  You guys know that's too early for me.  I mean, I didn't go to bed until midnight and I need lots of sleep. 

Sit down at my computer around 10AM.  Power up.  Oh, thank goodness!  Everything is working again!  I can go back to my little creations and make pretty stuff!

So Happy!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad your up and running!