Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Space (Bags) the Final Frontier

OK, so maybe I'm way behind the times, but Paige convinced me that I should try SpaceBags.  So last night, Daniel was at Costco and he found a package of 12 SpaceBags for a really good price.  Today I took everything out of the linen closet in the hall, reorganized and put everything I was keeping in SpaceBags. 

Now, let me tell you - I had 4, count them, 4, 20 gallon totes in that closet and they were stacked to the ceiling.  When I was through I ended up with 9 SpaceBags full and they only fill up half the closet.

I also found wonderful things that I had forgotten I had, like 3 gorgeous handmade quilts from my grandmother Rachel, 4 hand crocheted afghans made by my Aunt Pat, 2 of my own baby blankets and my old Raggedy Ann.  I should have taken pictures of some of these treasures before I packed them back up (duh) but I was so excited about the space saving SpaceBags, I didn't think about it until it was all stashed away.

Anyway, I highly recommend SpaceBags !

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